What’s your best bet for a great advertising strategy?

Things have changed since the days when companies relied on expensive print advertising to entice customers into purchasing product. Today’s more direct approach is preferred not only by companies but by customers as well.

This new direct approach includes all the new online media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

There are some important elements you need to consider to make your online advertising as effective as possible:

Tell a good story

Make sure the story you tell about your company and your product is compelling, clear, simple and easy to remember. You want to engage your customers and create excitement about what you have to offer.

Make your ad stands out from the crowd

By using some creativity and the best in graphic design, you can create an ad that will not only be memorable, but that will actually pull in your customers. The best part is that you can achieve all of this at minimal cost.

Make sure your company brand is front and centre

The first thing to remember is that you want customers to identify your company with the ad. The best ad won’t help if no one know who it’s for. Recommended devices include audio, video, music, graphics – whatever you need to make sure your customers identify and remember your company name.

Excentric applies all these principles to advertising in a number of applications such as: Magazine Ads, Bilboard Ads, Web Ads, Social Media Ads etc.

There are usually four key elements in a great ad: a disruptive and relevant visual, strong brand identification, a brilliant headline, and “something else”. The something else is a variable.


The CAA Rewards program relies on Excentric as their go-to advertising agency for on-line and print advertisements for partners such as: Joe Fresh, RW&CO, Cara Restaurants, Banana Republic, Gap, Cirque du Soleil, National Bank, Via Rail, New York Fries, Disney, Universal Studios… just to name a few. See a few recent web ads below:

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