Partnered with The Marketing Hub, our virtual marketing services enable you to focus on your business, while we deliver the most current, turnkey marketing solutions to drive more leads and results to your bottom line. Work with a dedicated marketing expert who manages your day-to-day marketing requirements alongside the Excentric team of graphic designers, web designers and digital marketing experts.

We provide marketing support to existing marketing departments or a complete marketing package for B2C or B2B companies. We blend traditional, modern and integrated marketing tactics with a commitment to metrics and measurement — all in the name of solving our clients’ business problems in the most effective way possible.

Digital Presence

Time for a new website design? Need a SEO healthcheck? We can help you with a redesign of your current site and ensure you are being FOUND online with proper keywords, SEO and SEM programs in place.


How’s your logo, look & feel? Need a branding refresh? We deliver cosmetic enhancements to existing brands or a new-from-scratch design. We ensure consistent graphic design and brand consistency across print and web mediums, for maximum polish.


We manage PR calendars, storytelling and distribution with aplomb! We work hand-in-hand with you to craft stories and develop advertising that highlight the value that your company, products and services bring to the market.

Email Marketing

Still the most cost effective form of reaching your customers, email marketing is here to stay. We help you develop a content calendar, assess the quality of your database, design, code and create a compelling newsletter.


Content marketing is not just an art; it’s also a science. We help create compelling content that drives engagement. It consists of blog posts, website content, checklists, buying guides, case studies, whitepapers, and e-book.

Managed Programs

Need someone to oversee it all and ensure everything stays on track? Our “Virtual VP” program provides a dedicated resource that effectively becomes an extension of your management team. Best fit for businesses in growth mode with lean teams and limited budgets.

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  • SaaS tools & technology assessment
  • Monitoring, measuring, and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives
  • Guidance on marketing and sales activities, effectiveness, and business impact
  • Vendor selection – marketing automation & CRM tools
  • Resource alignment, process development and team development for modern marketing operations


  • Digital marketing strategy & analysis
  • Email marketing campaigns audit
  • Marketing funnel analysis
  • Marketing & sales flow/synergies analysis
  • Design/implementation of automated campaigns
Investing in a marketing, social and/or website strategy will help your business identify its target markets and set measurable goals. In today’s competitive landscape, it is vital to the success of the organization that you implement a marketing plan that aims for growth and positive change in the bottom line.
— Karen McNaughton, Chief Marketer, The Marketing Hub


Virtual Director/VP
Marketing Operations

Typically a 3-12 month commitment on a 1-3 day/week basis.


TBD based on scope and timeframe. Works well with web design, marketing automation/CRM technology deployments.

Hourly Consulting

Ideal for short-term or one-off engagements.


Contact us to see how your bottom line may benefit from a marketing assessment.
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