We are pleased to share with you a great article on Website Requirements written by Business Coach Lisa Larter.

It underscores the importance of having complete control of your online assets including owning your own domain, web hosting, and digital assets (design files).

Excentric has encountered the following scenarios far too often:

  • We have had to recreate files for clients because their old creative agency would not release the digital assets.
  • We have been asked to rebuild websites because the client was not given access to make changes to their own website.
  • On a couple of occasions, clients could not even reach their original designer in order to obtain files.

This happens far more often than you may realize. Lisa Larter’s post will show you exactly how your website needs to be set up so you remain in complete control of your online assets in the event that something goes sideways.

Working with Excentric is a collaborative process. We use Dropbox to share files. We provide login access and “how-to” information with instructions on managing a website post-launch. And, if at any time and for any reason, the client would like to obtain files, we are happy to share. No hand cuffs with Excentric. It’s just how we roll.
— Victoria Adams, Principal + Creative Director, Excentric
posted by Victoria Adams , PRINCIPAL + CREATIVE DIRECTOR

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