Some might argue that marketing, by its very nature, is not authentic. Things are changing though, thanks to the digital transformation we have been witnessing, leaving consumers informed and in charge. Authenticity is key in order to be successful.

So, what really is authenticity?

It comes down to three simple things: stay true to who you are, what you do and who you serve. Keep this in mind and you will create value for your clients and, as a result, improve and grow your business.

How does authenticity work?
  • It differentiates you from the competition as trustworthy and reliable.
  • It enables individuals to relate to your business and makes them understand how your products and services can help them.
  • It provides assurance that your offer is of high quality.
  • It encourages engagement and will turn audiences into brand advocates.
“If you are your authentic self, you have no

People do business with companies and individuals they can rely on. To be successful, it is essential to be authentic and to be trusted by prospects and – equally important – to be trusted by Google.

How can you earn Google’s trust?
  • Having a secure URL means that it’s trusted by Google.
  • Ensure all web links point to trusted sites. Avoid broken links.
  • Strive for 5-star Google reviews.
  • Implement reputable cross links, including clients, suppliers and your social media accounts.
  • Avoid redundancy and fluff. Instead, focus on relevant website copy.
  • Post regular updates to your website via social feeds, news updates or blog posts.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
How can you earn trust with new potential clients?
  • Be real. Minimize the jargon and focus on authentic and meaningful content.
  • Talk the talk and walk the walk. Deliver on your promises – always.
  • Create a visually appealing website and collateral.
  • Ensure consistent messaging and branding across all channels – online and offline.
  • Incorporate video as it’s a great way to show personality.
  • Share behind-the-scenes details and feature LinkedIn links for people to read up on your skills and background.
  • Be accountable. Admit to mistakes.
  • Include case studies or samples of your work.
  • Include a blog with targeted content.
  • Be active on social media and engage your followers in an authentic manner.
  • Be responsive and easily contactable.

Now, this list may seem quite overwhelming at first. Set priorities and timelines and outsource components that you are not comfortable with.

Excentric would be happy to assist you in earning both Google’s trust as well as your clients’.

Contact us today to discuss further.

posted by Victoria Adams , PRINCIPAL + CREATIVE DIRECTOR

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