The value proposition may be the most misunderstood element in branding and marketing. Excentric has been delivering branding, web and digital marketing solutions for over 12 years. One thing we have noticed is that clients tend to come to us looking for a branding/identity kit or a website redesign — and very early into the process, we identify that they haven’t yet landed on their high level positioning narrative — they haven’t defined what truly sets them apart from their competition.

We typically start by asking some basic questions such as:

  • what sets your product/service/company apart?
  • what value do you provide?
  • how is it different from the alternatives on the market?
  • why should your prospects engage with you?

If our client has trouble articulating the response, we know that we have to take a step back. Before we can begin any branding or website project, we have to be very clear on the high level positioning for the client.

“Why should I buy from you or do business with you?”
If you and your team cannot answer this question immediately and succinctly, it is time to create what’s called a “value proposition”. Excentric can help craft a powerful and memorable core value proposition that defines: what your business does, who it does it for, and the value you provide for your customers.

In order for our branding and design to have positive impact, it must be based on the overall messaging framework that is delivered by marketing. For companies in transition or growth/pivot mode, sometimes it helps to bring in an expert who remains at arms’ length — to offer the guidance and counsel of an unbiased perspective. As there are often several internal “seats at the table” with different voices and perspectives, an impartial marketing expert can help shorten and sharpen the development of the messaging framework.

If you are contemplating a digital marketing rebranding or website design — but spinning your wheels on the messaging piece, we can help.

Let’s talk about how to get you “unstuck” in your messaging, and get going with your framework and design!

posted by Victoria Adams , PRINCIPAL + CREATIVE DIRECTOR

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